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Obtaining a mortgage preliminary approval is a great place to begin when buying a home. A mortgage pre-approval is a promise from a lender that you're qualified to borrow up to a certain amount of money at a specific interest rate, subject to a property appraisal and other requirements. 

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Knowing WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD and choosing the best financing in advance saves you time and enables you to submit a strong, competitive offer on your home.  "Click Here" to visit our Mortgage partner, Prosperity Mortgage, website to discover your buying power.

Matt Cross is the right agent when you need information about buying a home.

Matt is  ready to help with any question you have about buying real estate. Our collective goal at Rector Hayden is to lead, teach & serve you through the buyer's journey.

Click below for a step-by-step description of the Buying process. For a more detailed analysis of your own personalized journey connect with Matt Cross  for a free consultation.

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